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Visual Matters is dedicated to delivering the latest insights, tips, and examples to help you understand how data visualization drives business impact. We cover topics for the novice all the way to the experienced data analyst, to help explain the power of data visualization, how data visualization drives impact for business people in any function, examples of people and companies utilizing data storytelling, and how to visualize all forms of data to deliver insights, productivity and true business intelligence.

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About our Sponsor

SAP Lumira: Helping every user to tell amazing visual data stories.

SAP Lumira is not just for experts. Itís a data discovery tool designed for everyone. Now that weíre all business analysts in some way or another, we need a tool for basic visualization thatís also powerful enough for analytics experts. SAP Lumira was created to help us all make sense of todayís amount of data with simplicity and speed at your fingertips. Translating facts and insights into dynamic visualization that easily explains business concepts, strategies, and visualizations is powerful. The best part is we do this without any courses, lengthy up-time, or on-boarding. If you can use MS Excel and MS Powerpoint, or watch YouTube video tutorials, you can have SAP Lumira up and running in minutes.