Why Data Visualization Is Key to Enhancing Cyber Security

The desire to be safe and secure is nothing new. This tendency is as intrinsic to our humanity as eating, drinking and breathing; it is rooted in our DNA. Unfortunately, history is littered with...

How Visual Communication Helps You Connect with Your Audience

  The ability to communicate visually is an advantage in most workplaces, especially for managers who have to convey abstract ideas and performance metrics to an audience. Since data is such a driving force behind decision making, it is often much more effective to communicate visually, through charts and graphs, to deliver a more compelling […]

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2017: A Watershed Year for Data Visualization

I think this year is going to feel sort of like we are at “peak data visualization”, though I don’t think we are. This will be an important watershed moment for the field in...

Doing Big Data Wrong: Don’t Fall into These Traps

Are you ‘doing’ Big Data? We are repeatedly told that Big Data is something we should be ‘doing,’ that it is something our business should be ‘doing,’ and if we are not ‘doing’ it,...

What Is Data Visualization?

What is Data Visualization? We convey thought, meaning and purpose when we communicate effectively. But the meaning behind our words can take time to comprehend, which means missed opportunities as well as miscommunication. Add “information overload” to...

Big Data Trends for 2017

Let’s put 2016 to bed and look to the future; what does it hold in store for Big Data? Well, after years of chipping away at the coal face of what was a fledgling...

What Is Data Visualization?

By definition, data visualization is a form of visual communication where data or information is presented in graphical or pictorial format. Studies have proven that it is easier for the human brain to process information when it is presented visually, allowing people to quickly grasp large amounts of information in a short time. It is […]

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What Exactly is Visual Storytelling?

I am talking to a lot of folks these days about visual storytelling, and from these interactions, I learn that there is still a great deal of ambiguity about what is visual storytelling and why it’s important now for marketers? If you’re clueless too, don’t feel bad, some of the top dictionaries like Merriam-Webster and […]

Beyond Data Wrangling: The Future of Data Storytelling

It's the ability to communicate data insights in a way that matters to your audience that builds consensus and drives change. Learn about data storytelling.

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20 stats on data visualization

20 Stats That Show the Power of Data Visualization

20 stats that show the power of data visualization It is one thing to talk about data visualization in an intuitive way, but quite another to demonstrate it with statistical information. Studies are the ‘proof in...


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