Elon Musk’s Amazing Resume of Failures [Infographic]

It's very common for super successful people to have their fair share of failures along the way. But Elon Musk has an astonishing amount of failures that has led to his massive success! In fact, so many that Kickresume has created a resume out of them...

9 Great DataViz & Infographics Tools with Education Discounts

Data visualization and data literacy are necessary life skills, and you should start developing them now! Whether you need to make a diagram for a Science project, a presentation for your History class, or a chart to solve that Math problem, you shou...

You Deserve Something Better Than Excel for Creating Charts and Graphs

Why depend on spreadsheets and a DIY approach to data analysis when you can use data visualization tools instead? Now that's business intelligence.

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A History of Space Travel infographic poster

A History of Space Travel is a new infographic poster from Pop Chart Lab that covers the spacecraft, launch vehicles, space suits and mission timelines from countries all over Earth. Prints of this 24"x36" poster are available for $35 unframed, or mor...

Why Use Data Visualization? “Let Me Show You.”

In today’s globalized and multicultural business world, where people are communicating across multiple languages, regions, time zones, and borders, data visualization tools are a godsend. And that’s not the only reason. Attention spans are getting shorter all the time, giving communicators only seconds to capture the notice of an audience. Increasingly, and in many different […]

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Why the World Needs Data-Based Stories More Than Ever

In a sea of opinion and questionable "facts," people want credible content more than ever. Here's why you need to tell data-based stories.

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Emotional Intelligence vs Business Intelligence: Is Reliance on BI Putting EQ at Risk?

American corporations are spending more on business intelligence projects than ever before. Since entering the ‘age of information,’ spending in this sector has gone through the roof, and the curve looks set to steepen...

Understanding Artificial Intelligence with Data Visualization

Let’s talk about artificial intelligence – or AI. What was once the stuff of science fiction movies, speculative novels, and the dreams of particularly ambitious inventors, is now very much a reality. Everything from...

This Bad Electoral Map Visualization May Have Changed The Election

I’m sure there are quite a few things that each of us would like to leave behind in 2016. Bizarre presents from distant relatives, stressful deadlines at work, sporting disappointments. All these things represent the...

Is Small Data a Step Back, or are its Advocates on to Something?

Data has a habit of being staggering, mind blowing even. Writing for Forbes in January 2017, Gil Press discussed how more and more firms are tuning into the value of Big Data, but still...


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