This Bad Electoral Map Visualization May Have Changed The Election

I’m sure there are quite a few things that each of us would like to leave behind in 2016. Bizarre presents from distant relatives, stressful deadlines at work, sporting disappointments. All these things represent the...

534 Apple Products On One Giant Poster

534 Apple Products on One Giant Poster are included in The Insanely Great History of Apple 3.0 poster from Pop Chart Lab. It is the new and improved list of all Apple products ever made! You can buy a 28"x 42" print of the infographic here. Newl...

5 Easy Ways to Think Like a Data Scientist

While it’s easy to see the value in data analytics, many business owners struggle to be data-driven. The good news is you don’t need to be a data scientist to think like one. Data science is more of a mindset than a technical aptitude. While both are important, what separates good data scientists from great […]

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The Dark Side of DataViz: How Not To Do Data Visualization

Q: What DON’T you do when your data values are not mutually exclusive? A: Present your figures as percentages. Ok, so a joke like that isn’t going to be getting many laughs – if you can...

What Is Data Visualization?

By definition, data visualization is a form of visual communication where data or information is presented in graphical or pictorial format. Studies have proven that it is easier for the human brain to process information when it is presented visually, allowing people to quickly grasp large amounts of information in a short time. It is […]

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How To Create 101 Graphics in 24 Hours

Find out how we tackled the challenge to provide hundreds of data visualizations for LinkedIn's 2017 Workforce Report.

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The Many Applications of Data Visualization

We know that data visualization is versatile, that it can be harnessed and used in a wide variety of different ways. Perhaps, however, we never recognized truly how agile and adaptable the format really...

Analytics in Healthcare: How Data Science is Reducing Costs

Getting it right, first time around, is critical in the disciplines of healthcare and medicine. In this increasingly data driven world, it is little surprise that Big Data and analytics are playing increasingly important...

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Business Insight?

The phrase ‘artificial intelligence’ is an evocative one. Perhaps, for you, it conjures images of automated technology supporting a leisure-filled life for redundant humans, or maybe it represents exciting leaps forward in fields such...

Navigating The Agile Landscape [Infographic]

The Agile Landscape v3 is a visualization of many of the methodologies within the Agile Process by Chris Webb from Deloitte that uses the visualization design style of a subway map to group related activites and the show connections. Chris posted...


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