With Data Visualization, Be Sure To Know Your Purpose

To be an effective, engaging storyteller, start by clearly identifying your main purpose. Here are some good ideas about how to hone in on your key message.

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How Data Trends Drive the Need for Visualization and Analytics

Big Data is, almost literally, everywhere these days. We now understand that companies cannot exist in the modern market without adopting some form of data strategy, and that becoming data-centric is the only way...

Insights from Visual Storytelling Summit 2016

It was our first Summit in partnership with The Idea Center at Miami-Dade College (second largest university in the country!), dedicated to a topic that is mostly discussed in the context of entertainment and photography. Yes, there have been some discussions about visual storytelling in the context of marketing, but they tend to revolve around […]

Charting the Chartists: A 2016 Survey of Data Visualization Professionals

Over several decades, numerous studies have been conducted on data visualization practices, including a nice collection of fresh research being conducted in academia and the commercial world today. By data visualization, I mean any...

Stories That Tell And Stories That Sell With Data Visualization

Know your goals, understand your audience, and craft your message accordingly. Then let data visualization do the rest to tell the story.

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The Many Applications of Data Visualization

We know that data visualization is versatile, that it can be harnessed and used in a wide variety of different ways. Perhaps, however, we never recognized truly how agile and adaptable the format really...

What Exactly is Visual Storytelling?

I am talking to a lot of folks these days about visual storytelling, and from these interactions, I learn that there is still a great deal of ambiguity about what is visual storytelling and why it’s important now for marketers? If you’re clueless too, don’t feel bad, some of the top dictionaries like Merriam-Webster and […]

Are You A Storymaker Or A Storyteller?

Just finished reading Jonathan Gottschall’s book “The Storytelling Animal.” With all the hype these days about virtual reality – Deloitte Global predicts it will reach its first billion dollar year in 2016, with about $700 million in hardware sales, and the remainder from content – I really liked Gottschall’s observation that at the end of the […]


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