The psychology of data visualization

The Psychology of Data Visualization

Put yourself in the position of the data user for a moment. What do they want to gain from the data? What are their expectations? What will make them pleasantly surprised or disappointed? What...

Why Is It Important To Visualize Your Data?

Embedded within a set of data lie various stories waiting to be told. Not just in any way, but with the right method, to a receptive audience, highlighting the necessary information. Told correctly, a story fulfills its purpose and can be properly understood. But what is “correct”? How does one translate the essence of the […]

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9 Pro Tips To Win At Data Storytelling

"Keep it simple" might be the smartest phrase ever written for compelling data storytelling. But actually, it's not so easy. These tips show you how.

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Data Visualization: Your Secret Weapon in Storytelling and Persuasion

Storytelling has been part of the human experience throughout the ages. It has been both the art and the success of cultures and traditions and is a method that we use to relate, encourage...

Data Visualization: Your New Sales BFF

Data Visualization: Your New Sales BFF The world of sales is constantly shifting and as a sales professional, you have to know how to evolve while achieving your goals. A dynamic balance needs to exist...


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