With our growing reliance on smartphones, I had an interesting revelation one day when my iPhone froze during a software update. Something I know we all can relate to. You know how it starts, you start getting those red alerts that ther...

Getting Deep With Data Visualization and Neuroscience

In 2011 Mark Schnitzer’s Lab in Stanford came up with a brilliant technology: a miniaturized integrated microscope that can be

Big Data Is Useful Data: The Expert View from MIT

We know that data is no flash in the pan; no trendy buzzword with little to no meaning beneath the surface. Instead it is here to stay, powering business best practices and driving the...

Which Data Analytics Tool Is Telling The Truth?

What happens when the numbers just don't add up? Take it to the data source. The devil's in the details. The owls are not what they seem. And more lessons.

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Data Tune-Ups: Optimize Your Visuals to Achieve the Right Goals

By this point, you are already a savvy visualizer, weaving narratives and painting grand pictures with the data you are provided with. However, there is always room for improvement; there is always a bit...

The Best Free Data Sources for Data Visualization

Nothing good ever comes for free, or does it? Data gurus and analytic consultants charge top dollar for their services and provide clients with valuable insight and great data, but is this money well...

Measures And Dimensions In Data Visualization: A Guide

Illustrating data with visuals is a powerful way to convey concepts simply. Properly categorizing the data is essential: Measure? Or dimension?

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