Why We’re Redesigning the Alphabet, One Letter at a Time

For our latest design challenge, our team tackled the alphabet. See their 12 fresh, fun, and sometimes freaky versions of the letter "L."

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An Easy 4X4 Model for Visual Storytelling

No one reads any more. The long form is dead. The written word? That’s for grandpa! It’s all about video, baby! Everything I just said is entirely accurate. And yet it’s all wrong. The...

The Art of Visual Persuasion

In our world of information overload, we’re bombarded with so much data that the critical pieces are often lost. Data visualization is the future in communication, empowering you to take the crucial information, reformat...

Great Data Visualizations: The Iconography of Ink [Infographic]

Iconography of Ink, created by Stylight.com, maps out 90 celebrity tattoos and their connections to one another. You can find other interesting facts and tips about tattoos at Stylight.com. Tattoos—originating from the Tahitian word &lsquo...

Getting Deep With Data Visualization and Neuroscience

In 2011 Mark Schnitzer’s Lab in Stanford came up with a brilliant technology: a miniaturized integrated microscope that can be
4 steps to data visualization

4 Steps To Make Data Visualization Work for You

How to make data visualization work for you Data visualization allows you to take standard business intelligence, along with data analytics, and transform it into a powerful visual image. But when you move beyond the numbers...

How To Visualize With Charts A to Z – Histograms to Line Charts

This article is the “H” part of a series of tips and formats (in alphabet order) to help you convey your data visualization messages in the best way possible.  Starting with A for “Area...

The Dangers of Visual Data Manipulation

To be great data visualizers we must first become great statisticians, examining large amounts of data and presenting it in a factual, yet rhetorical, context. When we are dealing with such a lot of...

The Art of Data Visualization

Creating data visualization that conveys information in a way that captures attention requires a basic understanding of its art.  You’re telling a story that must offer a sense of immediacy while blending stunning images....

Deconstructing Visual Storytelling

“A clever smuggler came to the border with a donkey. The donkey’s back was heavily laden with straw. The official at the border was suspicious and pulled apart the man’s bundles till there was straw all around, but not a valuable thing in the straw was found. “But I’m certain you’re smuggling something,” the official […]


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