People across the globe are producing quadrillions of data about their home life and work, their shopping preferences, and their friendships and affiliations. By doing this, we have unintentionally built the greatest-ever repository of information, exposing every aspect of our lives to the businesses we frequent, our care providers, our friends and family, our government, and even people and groups we’ve never met.

Every day, we see news headlines reporting how organizations – especially during election season – are spinning data and taking it out of context to promote their agendas of self-interest. And while this is a reality for most of the world, there are also stories of people who are using Big Data to correct past inequities and build a brighter future for populations that are commonly left behind. Such is the case in one nonprofit’s mission to save the Amazon rainforest.

Saving the environment – and the community – with Big Data

Saving the Amazon is not about obstructing work crews, saving trees, and lobbying for greater environmental protection – it’s also about giving the people who have inhabited this land for centuries the change to build an economically thriving community so they can guard the forest.

By using SAP BusinessObjects Lumira software, Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) is pulling data from multiple sources into a single view to visually see the real story behind that information. The level of insight is allowing the nonprofit to focus its energy on preserving the environment by addressing the welfare of the River People community first.

This information empowers the foundation and the surrounding Amazonian villages to find opportunities that will make the rainforest more valuable standing up than it was when it was being cut down. “This is the only way to switch the economic logic and make sure conservation is a good option for the riverside communities,” explained Virgílio Viana, FAS chairman.

helping the amazon forest breathe a deep sigh of relief

“The main benefits of [SAP BusinessObjects] Lumira are in the management of the foundation’s environmental and socioeconomic programs,” cited Viana. “Anyone can use [the software]. It is extremely easy, simple, and super-fast. Takes that could take us three days to complete can now be done in a few minutes. The gains for the administration are huge, reducing costs and improving results.”

What’s the true story behind your data?

The purpose of visualization is to uncover how data is connected to each other and reveal the truth about a given situation. This level of insight enables decision makers to explore and act on significant risks and opportunities quickly. But only a well-designed visual report can highlight the real story behind the data, impelling companies to instantly engage in active discussion, decision, and action. That’s the power of data visualized: moving from a perceived reality to fact-driven actualization in a split second.

With SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, your organization can reap such benefits from data visualization with five fundamental pillars of Big Data analytics:

  • Experience: Build a foundation for data exploration by uniting your data scattered across a variety of systems into a single source – allowing business users to group the information in meaningful ways.
  • Visualize: Develop powerful data visualizations based on newly acquired and cleansed data by seeing the interconnections between data points and their impact.
  • Discover: Tell your data story by applying sorts, ranks, calculations, and filters to assess measurable insights and dimensions of the overall story.
  • Share: Get the message out by communicating data visualizations in active or saved reports as an e-mail attachment or a PDF.
  • Empower: Arm your decision makers and stakeholder with trusted intelligence by making it easy for them to acquire, visualize, and share data.

Will data visualization tool, such as SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, make us all more honest? Only time will tell. For certain, the more data that is tracked, collected, and analyzed, the more difficult it will become to lie without being found out sooner or later.

Nevertheless, when it comes to running a business, it doesn’t matter whether you competitors are jumping on the truth bandwagon or not. What’s important is whether you are paving a future with an accurate view of operational and financial performance, emerging risks, and opportunities that will generate the greatest prosperity and sustainable growth.

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