Data Visualization: Your New Sales BFF

The world of sales is constantly shifting and as a sales professional, you have to know how to evolve while achieving your goals. A dynamic balance needs to exist between recognizing your client needs and telling the story of your company. But how do you not get overwhelmed by the average CRM so that you can move potential customers into your pipeline? How can you prevent yourself from feeling like you’re ‘herding cats’? Even the most successful sales pros share this conundrum, as they delve through the mounds of leads in an attempt to get organized. CRM reporting is often sketchy, requiring your intuition for those who want to hear your story. You’re juggling the “warm to hot list” that management is consistently demanding, along with the pressure to close sales.

So, what can be done?

Your talent lies in communicating to your customers in a clear way that addresses their pain points. But getting that message out quickly and easily is no easy feat. Your challenge is how to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ to maintain customer interest. And data visualization is now the most important tool to merge everything together with precise focus.

Replace Spreadsheets with Customized Images

Your clients have individual goals that they want you to resolve. The era of reading through mounds of spreadsheets to demonstrate a point is over. Time is of the essence. Neither the CRM nor the spreadsheet can deliver the message that the client wants or needs.

So, what’s next?

It’s time to take a step back. Toss out all of the habits of your past so that you can look at things in a completely new way. Data visualization can pull the critical information and design it into a visual display that can hit those touch points and move the needle from warm to hot. Addressing the needs that meet each customer is as easy as a minor adjustment. With a customized image, your clients can now have those ‘ah­ha’ moments.

Limited Time to Tell Your Story

Telling your company story is one of the most important aspects of the sales process, and it’s a refined art. Data visualization offers the ability to relate the key messages to your customer so that they not only comprehend your ideas, but use it as a solution for their own business challenges. A single picture allows a ‘company message’ to transcend the traditional ways of seeing the world, empowering your clients to want to know more.

It ‘Looks Cool’

Customers are accustomed to hearing every sales rep wind through a pitch in an attempt to convince them to buy. If you don’t capture the attention and maintain it quickly, you risk losing the edge.

Changing the ‘sales pitch’ with data visualization brings a refreshing new perspective to your client. A colorful image that can tell the story in an immediate way allows you to offer something that simply ‘looks cool’ while simultaneously addressing their specific needs. Data visualization becomes the tool to pave the way to the unexpected and delightful.

Information that Speaks to Your Clients

While piles of statistics and numbers may be interesting in other fields, they are lost in the sales and customer worlds. When you take the important data and reshape it so that it becomes a common language, you can then start speaking to your client.

Numbers must be meaningful and hit the target for your client priorities. Images that demonstrate your understanding of your customer’s business can cross barriers to create a bigger picture. Data visualization fuses the process, people, and technology so that it speaks to the client immediately.

Finally a Way to Bring Information Together

Done are the days of drudgery and trying make sense of all of the information supplied to you from various departments. While each one contains important data, finding relevance is time consuming.

Data visualization quickly taps into each of these information channels. With just a few dashboard inquiries you can plow through and create a list that gets converted into a crystal clear image. You can mold, shape, and rearrange each of the pieces, from marketing to financial stats. Data visualization designs the picture for your particular sales puzzle to bring all of the parts together.

Be the Trend Visionary

Keeping on top of the trends and opportunities is your priority and you can’t get left in the dust. But the time for this type of analysis is often not available because you’re looking to pursue the all-­important sales quota.

Through the use of data visualization you can monitor changes in customer behavior and marketing trends across a broad landscape of data sets. Success in sales allows you to see what’s happening so that you can easily adjust to the ever-­evolving landscape.

An Answer for the ROI Question

Even the best sales professional understands that no matter how good a presentation might be, the bottom line for the customer is the ROI. This is the make or break point for the sale and instead of long-­winded explanations that can quickly lose customer interest, you can now offer an attractive image that says it all. Displaying the client success in a picture moves the sale from interest to closure.

Resolving CRM Confusion

Reports, reports, reports.

You have sliced and diced the information in your CRM and the resulting ‘reporting’ still leaves you in a state of confusion. Your pipeline contains a variety of conditions, each one with a gauge to understand your success.

Data visualization allows you to take all of this information and display it in a clearly understood image. You can bring a blurred photo into focus, so that you can more easily concentrate on your pipeline priorities.

Learn from the Past to Predict the Future

Analyzing past trends is one of the components of a smart sales professional. You’ll want to stay aware of the pulse of the sales cycle. But do you truly have the time set aside for these types of analytics? With data visualization, you do. Instead of losing sight of downtrends which will ultimately affect your goals, you can now learn from the past to predict the future.

Data visualization has the ability to drill into and display the variations and nuances of these trends in an immediate way. You can now peer into customer behavior, industry shifts, and changes in the economy so that you can take action for future events.

Let data visualization become your Sales BFF and download The Ultimate Guide To Data Visualization.

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