Your life as a sales pro is focused on closing deals. Your prospects, however, have ever-shorter attention spans – and you need to directly relate your message to their concerns and challenges. When you waste time trying to create custom spreadsheets and slide shows, you detract from the ultimate goal: hitting your target projections and moving deals down the sales funnel.

But what if you could leave PowerPoint behind for data visualization tools? What if you could graphically display information to help your prospects see what’s relevant to them? What if you could merge the most important information from your analyses and reports, and actually “see” what-if scenarios, trends, forecasts, performance, and more? And what if you didn’t need a lot of time and expertise to do it?

Create cool visuals – quickly and easily

Data visualization tools can transform the numbers into relatable images that not only “speak” to the prospect, but look cool. In fact, today’s data visualization tools are designed to help busy people organize and consolidate information however they want it, analyze it quickly, and create clear, compelling graphics to convey knowledge.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you might do that.

Personalize info right there in a customer meeting

Imagine a sales call to a top client. You ask her a few questions and she gives you the answers. Using this new information, you effectively:

  • Plug in some statistics that relate to her business
  • Transform the data into the software
  • Enrich the data with the click of a button or two
  • Generate an appealing visual picture that demonstrates the ROI for the latest upgrade

With a few clicks of the mouse, you’ve given your customer a reason to buy based on her personal data.

Gain new insights about customers and market conditions

Using data visualization tools, you can take the huge volume of data your company gathers about customers and market conditions, distill it, and present it graphically to gain insights into new revenue and business opportunities.

Combine disparate data into a single perspective – and easily alter for different points of view

You can easily merge data from different departments into a single and easily understood view. In a few steps, you can:

  • Blend marketing campaign information, stats, sales charts, overhead expenses, and final results into a single, viewable image
  • Alter the visual data to illustrate different scenarios

People or teams with different points of view or presentation needs can build dashboards in real time – even working remotely. One of the best things about data visualization is how it enables users to interact with data – unlike one-dimensional tables and charts that can only be viewed.

Get a clear picture of your pipeline

What about pipeline analysis? Your CRM system is overflowing with all kinds of information, but it won’t give you a clear view of potential changes that can affect sales. Data visualization can take complex variations in situations and conditions and change them into a clear picture of the health of your pipeline. This empowers you to:

  • Prioritize your time
  • Adjust for the trends that you now can see
  • Expend your efforts on those that are likely to produce the best results

Track fluctuations and spot trends

Sales managers plotting the next course of action for teams focused on a specific product or region can use data visualization to track fluctuating changes in the sales landscape and share them with colleagues. They can:

  • Look at seasonal or weather correlations, same-store sales, competitive insights, or pricing analyses, for example – anything and everything that’s relevant
  • Set plans, campaigns, goals, and targets accordingly


Your time is limited, and so is your customers. Data visualization can help you take advantage of sales data faster and create compelling graphics that will help you close the deal.

See for yourself. Explore what data visualization can do for you by downloading a free trial of SAP BusinessObjects Lumira here.

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