How Data Visualization Makes Finance Come Alive

As a financial professional within your company, you’re aware that not everyone shares your passion for numbers. You see spreadsheets that makes sense, while others get confused. Your job is to interpret the numbers so that your team can make informed decisions. The path to convey this information can now be addressed with data visualization.

Numbers in your world are a beautiful thing. But there is often a disconnect when you try to translate the numbers into valuable information ­ especially when you’re trying to keep everyone’s attention in those two ­hour meetings. When you realize that the perception of your colleague is not the same as yours, you can start to find common ground to communicate with your team. You can now allow everyone to have the same ‘ah­ha’ moment that you do by doing away with “status quo” rows and columns. You can say goodbye for good!

Data visualization can turn confusing information into something that can be more easily understood. When you access information with ease, you can carve data into a clear presentation that leads to important conversations in your industry.

Respond with informed answers

Even though your day-­to-­day is surrounded by statistics, you’re aware that easier ways to communicate these numbers exist. But what are the options? You’re required to deliver information that can make or break company profits. You don’t want to rely on just any type of software. Data visualization can empower you to convey the numbers so that each team member can understand as well as adopt what goes on in your head.

Imagine walking into the quarterly meeting with everyone in the company. Each department has a colleague or two that shines with their unique talents and abilities. But you feel as though your skills are often overlooked due to colleagues glossing over your presentations from the past. Now, imagine that you replaced those presentations with color and pizazz. Suddenly, the energy in the room shifts. People are interacting and asking questions. They’re now discussing a scenario that relates to your statistics and coming up with answers. They pose a ‘what if’ scenario and boom! You’re now able to access the data visualization dashboard, and with an adjustment or two you can respond with informed answers to their questions.

Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses

You have a responsibility to not only report what’s happening now, but to also offer insights into the shifting landscape that can affect your company’s performance tomorrow. You’re in a unique position by having all of the company information at hand. What you do with it and how you present it makes a drastic difference. Whether you are addressing sales, budgets, or spending, each element can get reflected with interactive charts, geo maps and 3D visuals that offer the ability to tell the corporate story. These images can easily pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, allowing all team members to make adjustments, and empowering management to address the critical decisions that will lead to the overall growth of the company.

Find a common language

Data visualization offers the ability to connect-­the-­dots from the volumes of statistical data and convert it into an image that reveals outcomes, identifies patterns, and optimizes information. You can suddenly find a common language that takes numbers from confusion to confidence. You now have the power to attract interest and create excitement to start the important conversations that need to be had.

Maintaining credibility within the financial department also means mapping the company journey. When you make data visualization work for you, you go from being an ‘analyst’ to a ‘storyteller’ ­ and this has power. You can now delve into the numbers, where critical information may have been hidden and use it to your advantage. Imagine team members and upper management turning to you for the company’s most important information.

The simplicity of data visualization software is disguised in the design. It’s crafted to empower you to transition, adjust, and alter numbers as you see fit and then release it into patterns, colors, and images that the human brain can accept and understand. You can become a “superhero” through the use of a tool that is easy to use. In doing so, you’re able to do away with the old stats and information that weren’t helpful anyway.

Share your love for numbers

Data visualization brings magic to your reporting and transitions you from statistician to consultant. The love that you have for your numbers can now be shared in images that convey the touch points in stunning colors. The day-­to-­day of your financial world will never be the same.

Data visualization will allow you to craft pictures and colors that everyone can understand and most importantly, enjoy. You can now take your passion for numbers and allow others to see the beauty that you see. This single tool will open the door to opportunities in many ways. Be prepared to be amazed.

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