How Marketers Can Make Magic with Data Visualization

It takes talent to recognize the messages that your audience needs. You want your audience to resonate with what you say, but in a way that’s real and not manipulated. Ahh, here lies the magic of “marketing.” It involves understanding, analysis, and keen intuition. And it’s up to you to take the data and translate it into entertaining, informative, and memorable content. So, how do you create this type of content when distractions lead your customers day? The answer is simple: Data visualization.

Data visualization allows you to appeal to the touch points of your customers ­ and it’s crucial when you don’t have time for trial and error in your marketing. Data visualization allows you to make sense out of the numbers, statistics, and data so that you can use the information that works.

But here’s where the elephant in the proverbial room comes out to play.

If you’re in the marketing department, there’s a good chance that you’re surrounded by colleagues filled with imagination and creativity (you may be one of them). But you need to craft a story with statistics, which can often result in a fact­-based (and sometimes a dry) message. How do you address your customer’s pain points to allow for a memorable touchpoint?

Realize that nothing stays the same.

Shift with the information

But it’s ok when you incorporate the magic of data visualization. You can learn to shift with the influx of new technology, ideas, and information so that you can move with the changes, and even address upper management questions. It’s that simple.

Data visualization is an opportunity to use the software to your advantage. As a marketing professional you can start with importing information to then hone it into the important ‘golden nuggets’ that comprise the core elements for your message. Data visualization allows you to leap past dry stats that often confuses your audience -­ so that you can create targeted intelligence, taking your clients to new heights of understanding.

Fuse logical and emotional

Marketing is one of the few professions that requires the fusion of the logical and the emotional. Crafting “magic” allows you to incorporate both the right and left brain so that the resulting communication strikes a chord. Data visualization coupled with well-­planned strategy empowers you to communicate with flair.

But how do you begin to create a new marketing landscape?

The right data visualization software gives you the ability to import the many layers of data. Instead of analyzing numbers for hours, you can now easily navigate your dashboards to slice and dice the information. Crafting a stunning visual that that engages the minds of your customers has never been easier.

The simplicity of pictures offers a pertinent touch point to offer easy solutions to your customers. If the direction shifts, you simply have to adjust the dashboard and present a new and brilliant display in your personal design: colors, 3D or customized. This gives the viewer the ability to process the content in a memorable way.

Consider the definition of your ‘customers’: You have both external clients that need to see the corporate message so that it can generate sales and leads and you also have your internal staff and management that you are required to supply the all-­important information that supports your efforts, budget and goals. Data visualization can address both of those sectors to turn cold, hard facts into emotional stories.

Tell the story the needs to be told

So now that you’re aware of the advantages, what next? The first step is to change the habits and beliefs of upper management. This isn’t an easy feat, so you’ll want to do a free trial so that you can play with the information. Create rich experiences to show your colleagues and managers. Create the story that you want to tell to your customers.

‘Business intelligence’ is the new path to success. It integrates technology and marketing so that you can gauge your customer’s activities, behavior and purchasing patterns. Using built-­in collaboration tools, you can manipulate the information to create dazzling visuals with the dashboard controls.

As a marketer, you must know all of your company departments and understand their needs. As you move forward with each new visual, you’ll begin to create new and insightful communications. This opens the door to more intuition and imagination so that you can build more meaningful experiences for your customers.

Visuals are the new universal story

When you use data visualization, you move forward with proven conversion rates. Nothing makes upper management smile more than seeing an uptick in sales as well as the addition of new clients. This can catapult your marketing department into superhero status as you deliver transformation to your entire company. Data visualization allows the necessary conversations in your industry to occur, so that you can be ready to meet the endlessly evolving shift in business.

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