How to Use Data Visualization to Create Marketing Magic

If you’re like most marketing professionals, you’re seen as the guru that has insights into the trends that translate into your company’s story. The message that you create resonates for your customers. But it can be daunting to monitor the analytics to make correlations between story and stats.

Whether you’re creating a message for your client or crafting a presentation, you’re required to hit the target. Numbers from spreadsheets no longer don’t work. But with data visualization, you can convert the information into photos that have flair and context, which adds pizazz and a layer of marketing magic never before seen.

Appealing to Today’s Clients

Customers are surrounded by a barrage of marketing everywhere. They have developed a keener sense for what immediately appeals to them (and what doesn’t). Your job as a marketing professional is now even more so about telling a story that attracts interest and is relevant.

Data visualization allows you to delve through volumes of analytics so that you can paint a picture that keeps attention and asks readers for more. Using colors, graphs, heat, and geo-maps you can now communicate on a personal level, touching on emotions and beliefs.

Tracking Your Success

While an uptick in sales is fantastic, there are hidden data points within information that can take a lot of time to reveal. As you may know, this is one of the more challenging parts of marketing as these results are sometimes intangible.

But through data visualization you can access the nuances, convert them to images, and define create a memorable narrative. Using dashboards you can delve into the business intelligence to craft sharp and distinctive results. For you as a marketing professional, it’s the perfect blend of right and left brain, so that you can easily fuse your logic and creativity.

Craft to Hit the Target Audience

You know that each segment of your marketing message must appeal to the viewer. Knowing your target audience and their interests is a first step. But addressing their pain points is what will bring results.

When you create a visual story with data analytics you can hone in on the core design, leaving the irrelevant information behind. Data visualization allows you to reformat your data so that you can make your message easy to understand.

Focus on Simplicity

In an information overload world, it’s all too easy to include “too much” in your marketing. But now with analytics, you can achieve simplicity. This allows you to not only understand the ‘why’ but the insights into what will come next.

Data visualization can take you from complex into easy to digest images, graphs and colors. You can bring more understanding by delivering simplicity into the message, markets, suppliers, and your products.

Embrace New Technologies

Traditional marketing typically included countless hours, delving through tons of information so that you could find the few ‘golden nuggets’. The time is now to make the transition so that you and your team can embrace new technologies as well as techniques.

By inputting a few key elements you can let automation do the work for you. Data visualization creates results that are crisp, clear, and colorful. The images pop so that they tap into the cerebral areas of the brain, bringing immediate understanding and clarity.

More Flexibility

Many marketing professionals are challenged when they face marketing that was outside of their realm of expertise. But with the right software tools, you can possess creativity by simply accessing the right information.

Flexibility is one of the many elements that data visualization brings to the table. It empowers you to make use of information and transform it into intuitive and interactive pictures that can be appealing in any industry.

Personal Insights Into Your Customers

Marketers have historically participated in a “spray and pray” kind of performance. This type of approach wastes time and when it is used on customers, it can seem like you are unaware of their needs.

In today’s marketing world you need to allow technology to feed you the breadcrumbs that offer insights into the best messages. Data visualization keeps you on the right track, accessing the information and producing images that bring value as well as insight.

Organization Saves Time

Traditional marketing techniques incorporated hours of research for a single message. The problem with this is that it lacked authenticity ­ and the ability to adjust for specific conditions. Plus, there often was little time to start over to craft a customized message.

Data visualization is a kind of ‘personal assistant’ that enables you to be more organized by doing much more of the work for you. With a small tweak, differences can be addressed, creating a personalized picture. Your time can now go towards addressing touch points, monitoring trends, and making the changes that are needed to maintain a competitive edge.

Create a Sense of Pizazz for the Customer

No matter which target audience you are appealing to, the role of the marketing professional is to fuse the many nuances to speaks to your audience. Examining these areas gives you an insight into the message. But the true art is in your ability to create magic from the numbers.

Advanced data visualization software can uncover the many hidden variations, bringing forth the genius in combining ‘need’ with ‘solution’. Using data visualization you can create images and art that dazzles, bringing a sense of pizazz that can gets remembered in the minds of your audience. This will ultimately translate into an excellent customer experience. After all, the goal of marketing is to not only to be remembered but to bring about sought after answers.

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