They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” because a complex idea can be explained with a single image. Well, if that’s true then a data visualization must be worth millions!

Data visualization makes the process of analyzing and presenting data a whole lot easier. In essence, data viz streamlines information into visual or graphical formats. Here’s what a good data viz can do for you and your clients.

1.  Compresses pages of information into a single image.

 Displaying critical data as a single image makes reviewing and presenting information easier and quicker because the eye doesn’t have to scan through lines and pages of text. Using data viz is a smart and easy way of organizing data, which is often messily contained in a spreadsheet.

2.  Lets your audience – and yourself! – process information quickly.

 Not only does data viz make for easy viewing, it also makes for quick and accurate information processing. As 65% of us are visual learners, most of us find diagrams easier to process than words. Rather than reading through chunks of unorganized information, data viz tools can help you spot trends and identify outliers at a single glance.

3.  Grabs the attention of your audience.

 Imagine handing out printed sheets of papers with tables and paragraphs of data. Even before the presentation starts, your client or whoever your audience is would already be bored!

On the other hand, using data viz and maximizing color and shapes (thoughtfully!) will grab the attention of your audience. Some data viz tools even allow for an interactive interface, which would help involve your audience in processing data. They’ll be more likely to pay attention this way!

4.  Aids retention.

 Grabbing the attention of your audience is all well and good, but if they can’t remember what you’ve just presented, it’s pretty pointless. Thankfully, data viz and its use of color, shapes and lines also aids memory. Presenting data graphically creates a strong visual impact, as the viewer associates a particular color or shape with the data. This makes for easy recall.

5.  Gives your presentation a professional flair.

 Data viz is now a popular and widely used tool in business. In the same way that PowerPoint slides have replaced poster boards, using data viz tools are now the way to present data. Putting in the effort in the way you present information to the client shows that you value the client’s time, helps you look professional, and builds credibility.

Learn more about data visualization and what it can do for your business here.

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