We love designing day in, day out, but we never want our skills to get stale. That’s why our design directors love to throw a good challenge at our design team. These mini-challenges offer a creative break, a little friendly competition, and give us a chance to exercise one our five company values: Experiment Often. This time around, the Type Fight challenge brought us back to our ABCs—in a good way.

Welcome to Type Fight club

For this exercise, designers were given a single letter to design, along with a random theme. Designers were free to bring the letter to life however they please, as long as it was on theme. It was super fun—and some of us got a little freaky.

Enjoy Type Fight, brought to you by the letter “L.”

Theme: Magic

design challenge
Designer: Walter Olivares
Design inspiration: My submission was driven by my experience with street magic and the unreal and unexpected reactions that come with it. I ended up compositing groups of glued cards that were shot individually to finally shape an L.”


design challenge
Designer: John Crump

The White Magic Johnson design challenge
Designer: Lionell Guzman
Design inspiration: “I was going against John Crump and Walter Olivares. Before I even got started, I called out what they were gonna do. I knew Walter was gonna do some magic trick-like cards, which he did. I knew Crump was gonna do some highly elaborate rendering, which he did. So I decided to take a different route and did Magic Johnson, the basketball player from the ’90s.”

Theme: Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

design challenge
Designer: Ethel Moore
Design inspiration: “For this design, I was inspired by candy/sugar and the way light reflects off of it.”


design challenge
Designer: Rendell Ascueta
Design inspiration: “I love a chance to design away from the computer. I designed a cake with frosting and sprinkles, using a couple techniques from a bakery I once worked at. I love details, so I painstakingly separated sprinkles by color and used tweezers to place each one individually over icing to create the intricate design.”

Theme: Hometown

design challenge
Designer: Remo Bangayan
Design inspiration: “I designed the city of LA, compacted into a small toy model-like visual, complete with the 5 freeway, the Los Angeles forest, the desert to the east, and the LA shipping port. I wanted to communicate a city with minimal elements.”


design challenge

Theme: Hometown
Designer: Kyle Bunker
Design inspiration: “This is an homage to my favorite vacation destination: Bikini Bottom. Also a potential conspiracy theory that Spongebob and friends are involved in a Truman Show-type scenario. ‘Who lives in a reality simulation under the sea? SPONGE! BOB! SQUARE! PANTS!’”

Theme: Om Nom Nom!

design challenge
Designer: Brigitte La
Design inspiration: “My concept for L: lemon linguine! It would have been nice to add a lobster, but it would have been an expensive photo. Carving out time to work on Type Fight was a bit of a challenge, on top of our client projects. Because everyone wanted that element of surprise, most of us worked on them outside of the office or after hours. For that reason, I wanted to do something I don’t normally get to do during our work day. For L, I decided to play with food.”

Theme: XXX

Designer: Nicole Rincon
Design inspiration: “I don’t think I need to spell it out for ya.”


design challenge
Designer: Jenny Famularcano
Design inspiration: “I was inspired by Chicago. I experimented with frame-by-frame animation. I drew out each frame of the girl in a sketch, then scanned each in to create each frame. The L meant to serve as the illuminated setting for the silhouetted dancer.”

Theme: Mindbender

type fight 3000_rd
Designer: Robyn Do

Designer: Wyatt Carroll
Design inspirations: “This was my attempt at an optical illusion dressed up with marketing adjectives. Buy now!”

We love any and every excuse to try something new, so this is certainly not the last of our design challenges. Stay tuned for the next edition of Type Fight.

In case you missed our previous work, take a look at the 13 city flags we redesigned. If you need a little help with your own design projects, we’d love to help you out

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