We live in a visual world that’s often overcome with information to digest. But in the sea of data and pictures, there are some people that stand out not only for their excellence but in how they convey their message and brand. Data visualization is the fine art of merging the image with words that emphasize and sometimes it takes a visionary to bring everything together. Here are the top 51 visual influencers:

  1. NYT Photo, New York USA

Covering photography and visual journalism in the news and on our radar.

Twitter Handle: @nytimesphoto

Website: http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/

2. Stamen Design, San Francisco, CA USA

San Francisco design and technology studio, maps and data visualization.

Twitter Handle: @stamen

Website: http://stamen.com

3. Benjamin Wiederkehr, Switzerland

Editor of Datavisualization.ch the premier news and knowledge resource for data visualization and infographics.

Twitter Handle: @datavis

Website: http://datavisualization.ch

4. Infographics Archive

The Archive Offering The Best #INFOGRAPHICS and #EXPLAINIMATIONS On The Web. The Power of Data Visualization.

Twitter Handle: @infographics4u

Website: http://www.infographicsarchive.com

5. ?Tianyu?, Singapore

Social media and analytics enthusiast, passionate for innovation, number crunching and data visualization, full-time traveller in spare time.

Twitter Handle: @tianyuxu

Website: http://sg.linkedin.com/in/tianyuxu

6. Robert Kosara, Seattle, WA USA

Data visualization and visual storytelling. Research scientist at Tableau Software. Recovering academic. Runner. Blog feed at @eagereyes_feed.

Twitter Handle: @eagereyes

Website: http://eagereyes.org/

7. Eric Fischer

Maps, data visualization, failed transportation plans of the past, history of technology, computers, pedestrianism, and misspelled street signs. @Mapbox

Twitter Handle: @enf

Website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/walkingsf

8. Chart Porn, Washington, DC USA

An addictive collection of beautiful charts, graphs, maps, and interactive data visualization toys — on topics from around the world.

Twitter Handle: @chartpornorg

Website: http://www.chartporn.org

9. Micah Blake McCurdy, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mathematician. Freelance Data Visualization and Analysis with focus on NHL. micah@hockeyviz.com. Subscribe for early access to charts at https://t.co/xDjPhAqWY9

Twitter Handle: @ineffectivemath

Website: http://hockeyviz.com

10. DashingD3js.com, NYC USA

Learn how to make Data Visualizations with D3.js // D3.js Tutorials, D3.js Screencasts, D3.js Training & D3.js Newsletter ( #DataViz & #D3js).

Twitter Handle: @dashingd3js

Website: http://dashingd3js.com

11. Miguel Rios, Almeda, CA USA

Miguel “counts your dank memes @twitter.” Born and raised Puerto Rican. Research and Data Visualization. Co-lead @TwitterAlas. @uprm alumnus. Always learning.

Twitter Handle: @miguelrios

12. Bill Shander, Boston-ish USA

Passionate about data visualization and information design. Really, all good visual communications.

Twitter Handle: @billshander

Website: http://RockTheVizComm.com

13. Jan Willem Tulp

Creates data visualizations @ TULP interactive – https://t.co/6VwcHetq9h https://t.co/vwIQ72YLwy

Twitter Handle: @janwillemtulp

Website: http://tulpinteractive.com

14. Ingo Hilgefort, Vancouver, BC, Canada

VP Product Management @ Visual BI Solutions focusing on data visualization.

Twitter Handle: @ihilgefort

Website: http://www.mastering-sap-and-businessobjects.com

15. Nicolas Belmonte, San Francisco, CA USA

Leading a SWAT team of data visualization specialists @Uber (I’m hiring!). Previously turning numbers into pixels @Twitter.

Twitter Handle: @philogb

Website: http://philogb.github.io

16. Wes Grubbs, Oakland, CA USA

Founder of data visualization studio Pitch Interactive, co-organizer of @eyeofestival, technologist, futurist, data artist, traveler, marveler, provocateur.

Twitter Handle: @wesleygrubbs

Website: http://www.pitchinteractive.com

17. Jérôme Cukier, San Francisco, CA USA and Paris

Data visualization person at @uber. huge fan of boylan cola and nyt crosswords. https://t.co/cZAmcCXgJo
Twitter Handle: @jcukier

Website: http://jeromecukier.net

18. Irene Ros, Massachusetts USA

Data Visualization Practice Lead at Bocoup. I work on @themisoproject and @openvisconf. iros on github.

Twitter Handle: @ireneros

Website: http://ireneros.com

19. Jeff Clark, Toronto, Canada

Developer with special expertise in data visualization and text analysis. Creator of http://t.co/P3mF6g7NFF

Twitter Handle: @jeffclark

Website: http://neoformix.com

20. Jim Vallandingham, Seattle, WA  USA

Experimenting in the worlds of data visualization, data analysis, and software development. With @bocoup

Twitter Handle: @vlandham

Website: http://vallandingham.me

21. Kantar IIB Awards, London

Open, non-profit awards celebrating excellence in data visualization and information design.

Twitter Handle: @infobeautyaward

Website: http://informationisbeautifulawards.com/

22. StatsBlogs

Latest blog posts on statistics, R, machine learning, data visualization. Stay current and informed.

Twitter Handle: @statsblogs

Website: http://www.statsblogs.com

23. Michelle Breidenbach, Syracuse, NY USA

Data visualization reporter at The @PostStandard and @syracusedotcom in Syracuse, NY.

Also, xc ski, run, pack, paddle, repeat.

Twitter Handle: @mbreidenbach

Website: http://www.syracuse.com/data/

24. Marcin Ignac, London

Computational design, generative art and data visualization

Twitter Handle: @marcinignac

Website: http://marcinignac.com

25. Brian Fremeau, South Bend, IN  USA

College Football FEI Ratings and Data Visualization :: Football Outsiders :: ESPN Insider :: Blue&Gold Illustrated

Twitter Handle: @bcfremeau

Website: http://bcftoys.com

26. RussianSphinx

Writing about Russia, the CIS, infographics, data visualization, Tableau, human trafficking, modern slavery.

Twitter Handle: @russiansphinx

Website: http://russiansphinx.blogspot.com

27. Big Data Institute, Los Angeles, CA  USA

TBDI is a professional organization for #BigData #Analytics, #DataScience, Advanced Data Visualization for executives and professionals worldwide.

Twitter Handle: @bigdatabody

Website: http://the-bigdatainstitute.com

28. Ann K. Emery, Washington, DC USA

Workshops, webinars, and freelance on data visualization and analysis.

Twitter Handle: @annkemery

Website: http://www.annkemery.com/blog

29. Faiza Khan, Oregon USA

Data Analyst | Clinical Informaticist – KCVI @OHSU. Interested in Clinical Analytics, Business Intelligence & Data Visualization. Mom @SisAndBro Physician.

Twitter Handle: @faizak

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/faizak

30. Rob Simmon, CA USA

Data Visualization, Planet Labs. Ex-NASA. Blue Marble, Earth at Night, color.

Twitter Handle: @rsimmon

Website: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/blogs/elegantfigures/

31. Geoff McGhee, North American West  USA

Data visualization and exploring the North American West at @westcenter @Stanford. Former @jskstanford, @lemondefr, @nytimes. Contributor, @NatGeo #datapoints

Twitter Handle: @mcgeoff

Website: http://west.stanford.edu

32. Ignasi Alcalde, Barcelona

Knowledge management, infographics & data visualization trainer, open data , education , talent & innovation. Author of the book https://t.co/xbs62sACaR

Twitter Handle: @ignasialcalde

Website: http://www.ignasialcalde.es

33. Chris Lysy, Cary, NC USA

Evaluator and UI/UX Designer specializing in the overlap (data visualization, dissemination design, interactive reporting) Coaching @ https://t.co/x2NVZMnH0A

Twitter Handle: @clysy

Website: http://freshspectrum.com

34. Nadieh Bremer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Passionate about innovative Data Visualizations & Data Art. Graduated Astronomer. Love D3 | R | travel | cats | paper art

Twitter Handle: @nadiehbremer

Website: http://www.visualcinnamon.com

35. Jorge Camoes, Oeiras – Portugal

Turning Excel into a proper data visualization tool since 2007.
Author of Data at Work https://t.co/K3oVgA9R6N

Twitter Handle: @camoesjo

Website: http://www.excelcharts.com

36. Carrie Byrum, Kansas City, MO USA

Appreciate smart business intelligence & data visualization. Intrigued by disruptive technology & design. Try-hard photographer. Sometime writer.

Twitter Handle: @cbyrum

37. Ryan Murphy, Austin, TX USA

Reporter, @newsapps team lead + lead developer with @TexasTribune. Campaign finance, data visualization, web performance and interactive design. ?

Twitter Handle: @rdmurphy

Website: http://rdmurphy.org/

38. Timelyportfolio, Birmingham, AL USA

Absolute return portfolio manager who enjoys data visualization. 

Twitter Handle: @timelyportfolio

Website: http://timelyportfolio.blogspot.com

39. John Rosenfelder, NY, NY USA

Music, analytics and data visualization.  Beatles, Stones, Tufte, Wasserman (Lew).

Twitter Handle: @earbender

Website: http://www.earbender.com

40. Leonardo Restivo, Toronto, ON Canada

Behavioral Neuroscientist. Co-founder of @hubbian & @Neuroflocks – Data Visualization & more …

Twitter Handle: @scipleneuro

Website: http://leonardorestivo.sciple.org/

41. Peter Gilks, New York City, NY USA

Data visualization consultant for @slalom. Tableau Zen Master. Basketball nut. Blog: https://t.co/LYNHLQOYaY Tableau Public: https://t.co/GV2ue3nGFT

Twitter Handle: @pgilks

Website: http://paintbynumbersblog.blogspot.com

42. Anthony Veyssiere, Paris

Freelance creative developer. Data Visualization builder, interactivity inside.

Twitter Handle: @inwebitrust

Website: http://www.anthonyveyssiere.com

43. Jon Schleuss, Los Angeles, CA USA

Data visualization artist and reporter @latimes. From the natural state.

Twitter Handle: @gaufre

Website: http://jschleuss.com

44. Dominikus Baur, Munich, Germany

Data visualization by day, sleeping by night. latest: On Broadway https://t.co/fh3YfPvxsN, Subspotting https://t.co/KincLAkZRu

Twitter Handle: @dominikus

Website: http://do.minik.us

45. Dr. Robert Farrow, Milton Keynes, UK

Researching intersections of open education, philosophy, policy, communication, HCI and data visualization. Paid in full by @oer_hub @gogn_oer @oerworldmap

Twitter Handle: @philosopher1978

Website: http://philosopher1978.wordpress.com

46. Kateryna Artyushkova, Albuquerque, NM USA

What data visualization,  alternative energy, chemistry of materials & booze have in common? I’m here to figure out

Twitter Handle: @scimomof2

Website: http://www.unm.edu/~kartyush/

47. Sam Petulla, New York, NY USA

Data visualization editor for @MSNBC.com & https://t.co/TouDVeULbs. Views are my own.

Twitter Handle: @spetulla

48. Koen Verbeeck, Belgium

BI Professional and #sqlserver / SSIS geek. Delving into data warehousing, data visualization and other stuff that starts with data. Married & father of two.

Twitter Handle: @ko_ver

Website: http://sqlkover.com

49. Rachael Gleason, San Antonio, TX USA

Data visualization journalist for San Antonio @ExpressNews. Loves maps, coffee, books & nerdy day trips. Proud Michigan State #Spartan. https://t.co/bVuYJwsXfL

Twitter Handle: @rachaelgleason

Website: http://www.expressnews.com/

50. MJ, Portland, OR USA

Director of Product Management Data science @Salesforce. Lover of Analytics, Network Analysis, Data Visualizations. Off-road Adventures found at @searchandrec

Twitter Handle: @mjfreshyfresh

Website: http://mjfreshyfresh.com

51. Lynn Wetherell, Baltimore, MD USA

Data Visualization Engineer, skier, nature loving geek. #d3js #HighCharts #dataViz

Twitter Handle: @skiwether

Image credit: Adina Ana

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